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Eco Max Bottle Brush

Eco Max Bottle Brush (medium)

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The handmade Eco Max Bottle Brush's coconut fibre bristles have natural anti-bacterial properties, so they are low maintenance as well as environmentally friendly. The fibres will not become smelly or mouldy, and do not discolour or flatten over time (unlike many nylon brushes). The galvanised steel wire prevents against rust for a long lifespan. The curved design lets you scrub all the hard-to-reach parts of your baby bottles.

Coco fibre, a waste product from coconut husks, and galvanised wire. Dimensions: 25.5cm long, 2.5cm wide, 4cm wide at bend

Why the planet loves this product
At end of life, the brush can be composted, leaving only the wire behind for recycling. Eco Max Brushes are vegan, biodegradable, and ethically made in Sri Lanka. The entire line is handmade using natural unbleached materials, like the Alistonia timber and sisal, or waste products like the coco fibre and rubberwood (a by-product of rubber production). Even the timber sealant is a non-toxic toy-grade sealer, safe for animals and children.