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Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set - BUNDEL

Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set

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We’ll let you in on a little secret: there’s one thing no one tells you about having a baby that is SO hard. Sure they keep you up all night, sometimes they cry and you can’t work out why, they have poosplosions and they sick up all over your shoulder at the most inconvenient times. All hard but do you know what is really hard? Cutting their nails.

Their delicate fingers and nails are too precious to approach with clippers or scissors and hand filing can take hours (hours you do not have!). And don’t think you can get away with not keeping their nails short; we’ve all been there and next minute your boobs are scratched to smithereens or worse: baby has scratched their own face, or EVEN worse, they’ve scratched another baby from your Mother’s Group (there goes that friendship)!

The Haakaa Baby Nail Care Set lets you safely and easily trim down your baby's nails without the need for sharp scissors or clippers! It's whisper-quiet and features a light on the end for easy nighttime filing!


  • Safe nail filing for soft and developing nails.
  • Five grinding pads varying in strength.
  • Pressure-activated arrest system to prevent injury.
  • Quiet motor and LED light for nighttime filing.
  • Two rotation directions and speeds.
  • Suitable for children and adults.