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How Bundel was born.

Hi! I’m Jen and I’m a Kiwi but have been living in Sydney with my husband Nick for 12 years. We live in Manly on the Northern Beaches with our son Ollie who is almost two.

When I was pregnant with Ollie our friends and family were understandably excited for our new addition and wanted to get us a gift. Knowing that we are quite the minimalists ‘I want to get you something you’ll actually use’ was a common phrase. But how was I supposed to know what I would actually use? I had never been a mum before.

An online search provided thousands of results. It was overwhelming. I spent hours and hours researching what I actually needed. I scoured the mummy blogs. I squinted at ingredient lists on the back of bottles. In conclusion there were so many things I realised I probably wouldn't need and so many toxic products. I also found many products that are safe and eco-friendly but are impractical, or don't actually do what they are supposed to.
Around this same time a friend in New Zealand sent me a homemade baby hamper, which I now refer to as ‘The original Bundel’. Labelled ‘Everything you need for the first month of newbornness’, it included all her favourite little essentials. There were more than 10 little items including some of the products Bundel now stock; a Haakaa pump, Dr Bronner's hand sanitiser, an organic nipple balm, a natural rubber dummy.

It was one of the best gifts I have ever received.
It also made me realise that other new mums must be a overwhelmed by the newborn shopping process and would benefit from a similar giftThis is how Bundel was born.

From certified organic skincare to silicone breast pumps to mould-free bath toys; every product in every Bundel has been carefully selected and all packaging is either recyclable or reusable, right down to the furoshiki cloth wrapping. We’ve simplified gifting by creating Bundels of handpicked items mum will actually use. Not only that, every item is also unique, safe, environmentally-friendly and beautiful to look at.

Uncomplicated and thoughtful gifts that care for your baby and your planet. 
We are so proud of what Bundel stands for and hope other mums get the same joy (and have the same sigh of relief!) opening their own Bundels.
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